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Star Wars KOTOR 2: Nintendo Switch players have it in the bone

star wars kotor 2: nintendo switch players have it in

Star Wars Kotor fans are surely familiar with the famous restored content that was supposed to officially arrive on Nintendo Switch, except here, bad news is looming.


Star Wars Kotor 2 PC players are all, with rare exceptions, familiar with the infamous restored content mod. Simply put, this creation restores content that was not left in the game when it was released. Thus many dialogues, objects, scenes, quests, characters are added, as well as the planet hosting the HK-50 droid factory. In short, an essential that was to be made available on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, for free. Aspyr had even teased the thing via a trailer, but that was before.

Kotor 2 on Nintendo Switch, a big disappointment

A year after it was announced that KOTOR 2 would be porting to Nintendo Switch, the promised downloadable content is still nowhere to be found. Worse still, all mentions of the DLC/mod have been removed from developer Aspyr’s YouTube channel. The original trailer was recently edited to remove the part that mentions the DLC, suggesting it was quietly canceled amid the studio’s troubles over the past year. In particular the more than probable cancellation from the Star Wars Kotor remake.


This rather disappointing change was spotted by Star Wars fans KOTOR on the Reddit forum, noting that there has been no official statement on the status of the DLC and its progress for months. Which is starting to get long and seriously smelling scorched. A user by the name of OpoChano, then noted that the game’s reveal trailer on Aspyr’s YouTube channel is one of the only ones that doesn’t mention the restored DLC unlike the video still visible at Nintendo. or with our colleagues like Esports Extrasfor example. Which proves that the studio deliberately deleted any mention to erase its existence.

Censorship works at full speed

On the uncensored trailers we can admire the following statement “Restored content DLC will be available after launch as free DLC in Nintendo eShop“. Some media like thegamer tried to get in touch with the studio to ask the question but without answer.