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Star Wars: Outlaws looks like an Uncharted with a Han Solo-like heroine

star wars: outlaws looks like an uncharted with a han

Star Wars: Outlaws wrapped up the recent Ubisoft Forward presentation, and we got a long look at the gameplay of this space adventure that is presumably coming next year.

kay vess, our protagonist, comes to the game with a huge bounty on her head behind her back, and she has to survive in the underworld of the Star Wars universe. As a player, we will have to build a reputation and fight against the Empire and other scoundrels in the galaxy.


We got a good look at some of the stealth mechanics, gunplay, and even a fight in outer space as Kay flees the Empire. From the looks of it, we’ll also have some small dialogue options in the main quests, which will decide what kind of “outlaw” Kay will be.

There is no confirmed release date, but we do know that the game will be out in 2024. Are you in the mood for Star Wars: Outlaws?