Star Wars: this ultra cult game is back, nostalgics will love it

star wars: this ultra cult game is back, nostalgics will

Tom Henry

Star Wars: this ultra cult game is back, nostalgics will love it

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In the history of Star Wars games, some titles have stood out more than others, enough to warrant a remaster years later. Let’s take an example.

Star Wars fans will confirm it to you: while many video game adaptations have left their mark, only a few remain truly engraved in the collective memory. Among this selection, we find Star Wars: Dark Forces, an opus that deeply marked a whole generation of fans of the universe of George Lucas.

Star Wars Dark Forces, a cult game

In the mid-90s, while the Star Wars franchise was already enjoying worldwide success thanks to its original trilogy, the video game field welcomed a rather memorable game: Star Wars: Dark Forces. Developed and published by LucasArts, this first-person shooter immersed players in the role of Kyle Katarn, a mercenary turned Rebel Alliance agent. This is also the first opus in a series featuring this emblematic character. (Hello Jedi Knight)

His primary mission was to thwart the Empire’s plan to create a new generation of Imperial soldiers, the Dark Troopers. We can notably see them at work in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. With immersive storytelling, impressive graphics for the time, and innovative gameplay, Dark Forces offered a

His first assignment? Obstruct the Empire’s plan to forge a new generation of imperial warriors: the Dark Troopers, who can also be seen in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Thanks to a captivating storyline, avant-garde graphics for the time, and innovative game mechanics, Dark Forces offered a unique look at the Star Wars universe. This game not only embodies a crucial step in the epic era of SW-stamped video games, but it also laid a cornerstone in the field of FPS. It was sort of the birth certificate of a golden era for LucasArts. Building on that legacy, it made sense for studios to consider a remaster. This is exactly what Nightdive Studio, already at the origin of the remake of System Shock, whose test we shared with you on Gameblog, offers.

A strong comeback

It is obvious that we should not anticipate a graphic metamorphosis, because it is above all a remaster and not a remake. However, fans of the saga will notice a noticeable improvement, particularly in terms of cutscenes. The graphics are finer and much more attractive. As for the gameplay, as the studio mentions in the video above, it’s not the final version, so it’s premature to make too strong a judgment on this point. For now we are not entitled to a release date either, we only know that it will arrive on PS5, Xbox Series, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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