Starfield: a big announcement that will reassure fans

starfield: a big announcement that will reassure fans

Tom Henry

Starfield: a big announcement that will reassure fans

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The Starfield rocket is almost ready to take off, but before that, Bethesda has a big announcement for Xbox Series X|S as well as PC gamers and gamers.

Starfield will be the first very big game of this back to school 2023. A launch which should take place under the best auspices, even if some fear the worst because of the Community Patch. A mod to overcome bugs and technical problems that would not be resolved in time. In the meantime, the publisher has excellent news for its future space opera. Get ready!

No possible delay for Starfield

More than five years after its announcement, Starfield is about to be released as an Xbox Series X|S and PC exclusive. A moment awaited by Bethesda fans and all owners of Microsoft’s new-gen console. Those who have already pre-ordered the digital game will have to be patient. The space opera will weigh heavy, very heavy on Xbox Series: 125 GB. Suffice to say that the hard drive of the Series S, which only has 364 GB left for installing games, will be cramped after the passage of Starfield.

On the other hand, there is excellent news for small Internet connections. The pre-download of the title will start this Thursday, August 17 on both consoles. However for PCists, it will only be 48 hours before the release, on August 30th. If you’re unfamiliar, pre-downloading gets the game files from the servers and installs everything. Of course, the apps are locked until the fateful date.

If it is possible to recover Starfield in the next few hours, it is because it is gold! Translation: development is complete. Bethesda will be able to produce the cakes to fill the shelves of the various retailers. “Prepare for takeoff. #Starfield is now gold! Pre-downloads begin tomorrow on Xbox X|S and Windows PC and August 30 on Steam » said the editor on Twitter. If you play on a computer, do not hesitate to consult the PC configurations to see if it will run in 4K without compromise.

Credits: Bethesda.

Much more than just Skyrim in space

After selling Starfield as Skyrim in outer space, a hugely flattering comparison, Xbox Game Studios’ Matt Booty said it was ultimately much more than that. It’s not a reskin beast of The Elder Scrolls 5, but a game that will incorporate a lot of new ideas never seen by those who follow Bethesda productions. Already, there will be more than 1000 planets to explore, although this figure should be put into perspective. Only “10% of them will have life” warned Todd Howard. However, Starfield will be less complete than a certain Baldur’s Gate 3 in terms of romances. Here, there will only be four major ones. A disappointment for some, but maybe the quality was favored over the quantity? Answer on September 1, 2023 to find out if the Xbox exclusive will indeed be one of the best games of the year, or even more, as expected by millions of people.

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