Starfield: a ton of new info, it’s going to be monstrous

starfield: a nice surprise to discover the game, it's magnificent!

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Starfield: a ton of new info, it’s going to be monstrous

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Starfield appears to be well on its way to being a real hit, and to amp up the excitement, Bethesda has unveiled a slew of new information.

Unquestionably, Starfield is the most anticipated game of the second half of 2023. To heighten this expectation, Bethesda hosted a Q&A session on Discord, with Emil Pagliarulo, Director of Design, and Will Shen, Head of Quest Design. A good time to glean a lot of new information.

Starfield is first and foremost an RPG

Thanks to this session, many details about Starfield have been revealed. In particular, novices can start the game without having experienced other titles from Bethesda. For total immersion, it is recommended to fully immerse yourself in the game universe. Thus, Bethesda advises against “rushing”. As an RPG, Starfield offers many options to customize its avatar. A Traits and Background system allows you to further specify the details of your character. The devs shared the example of Mitch Dombrowski, described as a nice and beefy “space trucker”. RPG fans will also be pleased to learn that it’s possible to buy houses in the game’s major towns, some of which are rewards from quests. However, despite these roleplay possibilities, an entirely non-lethal approach is not possible in the game. to fight.

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In Starfield, some items are considered contraband. They will therefore have to be smuggled in, avoiding security checks in orbit around the planets. To help with this, specific ship modules can be acquired. The developers point out that although the economy is stable, the prices can vary depending on the player’s skills. If an offense is committed, like smuggling for example, the player can choose between a fine or jail time, similar to the mechanics in Skyrim. Finally, it should be noted that the game pauses when the player is absent. You will therefore not be able to optimize your resource mining while offline.

A vast universe (religions, companions, crews, etc.)

Religions are indeed present in Starfield, but the game does not focus exclusively on them. Several cults exist and the player can interact with their followers. The world wants to be realistic and alive. Even though Starfield is a single-player game, it features up to 20 characters that can join the player’s crew. Four of them will be your close allies, but each has their own story and interactions. Each crew member also has a unique voice, suggesting an impressive voice cast. Speaking of skills, each member of the crew has specific talents right off the bat. For example, an expert in astrodynamics might improve your space jumping ability. Crew skills combine with player skills when relevant. Finally, final info, although the mechs are present in the game, they are only the relics of an old colonial war.

Many sources of inspiration

As for the inspiration behind Starfield, the developers mentioned their fondness for 70s sci-fi. Works such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Space: 1999, and others have been cited. Other movies like 2001: the Odyssey of space And Event Horizon (1997), have also been mentioned.

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