Starfield: All weapons including stats that we already know

Tom Henry

starfield: all weapons including stats that we already know

Here you will find all the weapons that we already know from Starfield.

Before Starfield appears on Xbox Series X/S and PC on September 6th, Bethesda has already shared all sorts of information about the sci-fi role-playing game in extensive trailers. So we were able to get a good impression of the weapon arsenal, which we would like to present to you in more detail here.

In the article we want to show you all the weapons that have already been seen, including values ​​such as damage, rate of fire or range.

Disclaimer: The list currently shows 15 weapons from different categories and will be updated as soon as we receive new information or we are allowed to launch ourselves into space.

All weapons from Starfield at a glance

We have divided the list into various weapon classes and sorted them according to their weapon damage. If you are particularly interested in certain types, you can use the links to reach your goal directly:


Modified Calibrated Tombstone

  • Damage: 38
  • Fire rate: 90
  • Range: 62


  • Damage: 36
  • Fire rate: 50
  • Range: 40

Advanced Grendel

  • Damage: 17
  • Fire rate: 170
  • Range: 26


  • Damage: 13
  • Fire rate: 300
  • Range: 52


  • Damage: 8th
  • Fire rate: 160
  • Range: 40

laser guns

Brawler’s Equinox

  • Damage: 2
  • Fire rate: 180
  • Range: 50

beam guns

Eternity’s Gate

  • Damage: 17 (Physical), 50 (Energy)
  • Fire rate: 25
  • Range: 60


Experiment A-7

  • Damage: 119
  • Fire rate: 10
  • Range: 20

coach man

  • Damage: 52
  • Fire rate: 47
  • Range: 20


Modified Calibrated Razorback

  • Damage: 109
  • Fire rate: 12
  • Range: 52

Refined Eon

  • Damage: 49
  • Fire rate: 50
  • Range: 26

laser guns


  • Damage: 12
  • Fire rate: 25
  • Range: 24


Combat Knife


rescue axe



  • Damage: 4
  • Fire rate: 76
  • Range: 3

Starfield weapons in action

For the first time during the Starfield Direct on June 11, 2023 we were able to take a close look at the inventory and also see the stats of the weapons. Various types of weapons were also shown in battle (from minute 38:00 in the video):

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All information about Starfield on GamePro

So that you can get a clear picture of Starfield, we have compiled everything that is important in the article linked above. Here you will learn more about the story of the sci-fi role-playing game, more about the basic gameplay, character creation, the different factions, the total of 1000 planets and much, much more.

Starfield will be released on September 6th for Xbox Series X/S and PC, as well as coming directly to Xbox Game Pass. If you have pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition, you can get started on September 1st via Early Access.

How do you like the well-known arsenal of weapons and how clearly do you find the weapon stats in the game?

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