Starfield fan invests 100 hours in his base: 17,500 players celebrate it completely

starfield fan invests 100 hours in his base: 17,500 players

Tom Henry

Starfield fan invests 100 hours in his base: 17,500 players celebrate it completely

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Starfield is not just for lonely space cowboys, but also for real manufacturers.

In Starfield, like in Fallout 4, you can desEsports Extrasyour own base according to your own wishes. The system still works a bit bumpily and has many limitations, but it can still be used to create impressive buildings from the ground. As shown, for example, by this outpost here, which has become a huge factory.

Spent 100 hours in an outpost: This is how this Starfield fan did it

That’s what it’s about: About Starfield, one of the biggest and most important games of the year (alongside Zelda TotK, Diablo 4 and Baldur’s Gate 3, of course). In it we not only fly through space, explore planets and build our own spaceships, but we can also build an outpost to make it easier to get resources.

This Starfield fan is completely exaggerating: This is certainly no longer a simple outpost, but rather an entire industrial area. The player affectionately calls his base “my factory” and the whole thing is actually more reminiscent of games like Factorio or Satisfactory than Starfield, but of course it was built in it.

This is what the Esports Extrasntic base looks like – at the time of writing, the post has over 17,500 Reddit upvotes:

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how did he do that? The post not only contains enthusiastic comments and hymns of praise, but of course also a lot of questions. The flat ground in particular seems to bother the Starfield players. How the hell did Redditor Hackoox manage to make such a large plane that’s flat?

The answer is: doormats. Over 3,000 floor mats were stacked on top of each other in meticulous detail to achieve the desired result. That’s really no fun and probably contributed massively to the 100 hours. There are a few here Tips from Hackoox for building bases in Starfield.

Still many opportunities for improvement: Another recurring topic in the comments is the editor itself, with which we can build our outposts in Starfield. It leaves a lot to be desired and probably works much worse than it did in Fallout 4, for example. Many fans are still hoping that Bethesda will make improvements or at least that mods will fix the most serious problems.

How do your outposts compare to this base? Or are you one of those Starfield players who still curse the editor for it in its current state?

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