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Starfield gets a feature from Skyrim that punishes the rascals among you

starfield gets a feature from skyrim that punishes the rascals

In Starfield you can go to jail if you don’t behave.

Just yesterday Bethesda announced that Starfield has reached Gold status and will be released on September 6th for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Today we have news about the features of the roleplaying game for you.

In a Q&A session on Discord, it was revealed, among other things, that we can go to prison for our crimes like Skyrim. There is also new information about our companions and the question of whether we can experience the end non-violently has also been answered. (via IGN)


Here’s what to expect when you get caught red-handed

If you “accidentally” kicked a guard too hard in the knee or stole valuable items from law enforcement officers and are caught, you have the following three options, according to Bethesda:

Either you buy your freedom, resist arrest, or go straight to jail.

What happens in prison: We don’t know the specific process from Starfield yet, but if we look at how the system works in Skyrim, you have to serve your sentence in prison by interacting with the cell bed. During your stay, your entire inventory will also be confiscated in a chest. In Skyrim you also get a lock pick to start an escape attempt.


You can hire as many companions

Another interesting info is that in Starfield we “20+ unique companions” can recruit for our trips into space, who can also carry our collected items on joint missions if desired.

It is not yet known who the companions are in detail. After release we can tell you more here.

Nonviolent by Starfield, that’s not gonna work

For those of you who thought about a pacifist playthrough, unfortunately that won’t work. In some missions, the use of force is the only means available to progress further in the game.


However, it should”give some systems“, so that you only have to use a small amount of violence, including your character’s power to persuade other people in dialogue and thus avoid a fight.

If you want to know more about the technology behind Starfield, we can only recommend the expert podcast from our colleagues at GameStar Talk:


Can Starfield keep its technology promises at all?

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Can Starfield keep its technology promises at all?

When is the Starfield GamePro review coming out? It is currently planned that a test of the Xbox Series X/S versions will appear before the Early Access release on September 1st. As soon as we are allowed to communicate an exact date, we will of course do so.


Do you abide by the law in role-playing games or can you often not resist the temptation to find interesting loot?