Starfield has its own stellar Batman, and I got to inherit his “cape” in one of the most tragic secondaries in the game. | Top News

starfield has its own stellar batman, and i got to

Tom Henry

Starfield has its own stellar Batman, and I got to inherit his “cape” in one of the most tragic secondaries in the game. | Top News

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As one would expect from a game this big, Starfield It is full of content and missions to do. With powerful adventures in its main plot, the secondary content is not far behind either. Yes, of course you have his “go from A to B and talk to Menganito”, but he has also saved some of his best stories for these side quests. Today I want to talk to you about Mantis, the secondary of the Bethesda game that has amazed me.

In Starfield, there is a legend that strikes fear into the hearts of many outlaws: Mantis’s. Something like a stellar Batman, this vigilante has a huge legacy behind him, so much so that he has become a kind of stellar myth, a bogeyman for criminals. The truth behind it is very different from what I expected.

How I became Batman in Starfield

The story begins like so many others: through learning more about the universe, I came upon a mission to track down Leon Voclain, a missing man on a mission. After her death, he received a video testament that invited him to follow his trail and find his base if he wanted his inheritance. Thanks to this space gymkhana, he came across a great secret. One that would change his life… very drastically.

And it is that the mother of this man was a very eccentric person. We don’t know much about her in her lifetime, but his own will It did not end with a goodbye or I love you, but with the Latin phrase “Sic semper tyrannis”, or “Thus always to tyrants”, a saying that seeks to convey that the oppressors must be overthrown. Little did Leon know that his journey would take him until an unexpected truth. Little did Leon know that his journey would take him all the way to the Mantis base itself.

Following in his footsteps, I managed to find this haven, now full of Spacers who didn’t know exactly what they were getting themselves into. More interested in the loot than in the implications of the base, between shots and shouts two voices guided me: those of my target and… his mother. Alternating messages left as echoes of the past, the truth became more and more undeniable: she was not following any old woman, she! was the real Mantis and her son was to succeed her!

More shots. More death. more violence. It was ironic that at the base of a supposed vigilante everything was resolved by the oldest method, but she hadn’t made it easy either. Plaguing the place with traps, I slowly realized that I wasn’t the only one who had shed blood on that starbase. Mantis guarded her secrets well, maybe too much.


Hoping that reaching the goal in this place would teach me a story about how a son had realized his mother’s role in the stars and had decided to follow her trail, as if it were a comet, reality hit me hard. of turrets. Many. They weren’t a problem for me… but yes for the main character from this account, that he was clearly not prepared to wrest the crown from the woman who brought him into the world.

Posthumously murdered by his own mother, it seemed that this was the end of the most mysterious lineage of the stars. until i arrived. The welcome, recorded before the event, could not leave me with a more bittersweet taste. Congratulating her son for being able to succeed her and giving her her suit and ships, now the Mantis mantle does not have a blood relationship, but ideals. Soaring across the stars of Starfield to terrorize the rogues from the stars is my duty. And it can also be yours.

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