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Starfield haters already have 1000 accounts ready to “review bomb” the game

starfield haters already have 1000 accounts ready to "review bomb"

Threats of “review bombing” concern fans and the Starfield community.
Recently, Starfield fans have raised concerns and warned of possible negative attacks towards the game. Some users on social media have threatened to “review bomb” Starfield for no apparent reason. These threats consist of leaving massive negative reviews on platforms like Metacritic to damage the reputation of the game.

A user captured a screenshot of a tweet in which someone claimed to have a thousand accounts to give Starfield a low score on Metacritic. Others users They have also expressed their dissatisfaction with this “console war” mentality, stating that it is unnecessary and that most gamers enjoy all platforms equally.


On the Starfield subreddit, several users have shared their concern about it. Some comment that these types of attacks occur frequently and that user reviews on platforms such as Metacritic lack seriousness.

Despite these threats, the most important thing is that Starfield is already out soon.