Starfield is already perfectly playable, but clearly not for everyone

Tom Henry

starfield is already perfectly playable, but clearly not for everyone

A player is already playing Starfield. Enough to make a whole community jealous who must wait several more weeks before being able to immerse themselves in the adventure of Bethesda.

Starfield is so expected that Bethesda and Xbox don’t seem to have much room for error with their AAA ratings. While the lack of major exclusives on Microsoft consoles is often pointed out, open-world gaming can act as a game changer. Starfield could even be able to push players to buy an Xbox … or a super-powerful PC, since the title will be particularly greedy for those who want to make the most of it. In any case, before the release of Starfieldsomeone is making all players jealous, because they can already enjoy it several weeks before its official launch!

Players waiting for Starfield envy this ‘tester’ like no other

On Xbox, you can see your friends’ activity, including what games they’re playing when they’re online. This is how a player, who simply follows Phil Spencer’s account named P3 (nickname chosen because his father and grandfather are also called Philip), discovered that the boss of Xbox Games Studios was already playing Starfield. On Reddit, a user shares a screenshot on which appears the avatar of Phil Spencer indicating that he has already immersed himself in the space adventure of Bethesda. Something to make some players jealous, as we can see in the comments of the post. “I would like to play it now”, “Phil, give it to me”can we read in particular.

In any case, Phil Spencer keeps his commitments made last May after the bitter failure of red fall. At the time, the iconic Xbox Games Studios figure said he blamed himself for not coming to Arkane Austin’s support sooner when the development issues started and that he was thinking about reviewing the processes. internal quality control. Yes, now it looks like he’s getting his hands dirty.

Getting to grips with the games before they are released could well be part of Phil Spencer’s way of ensuring the success of Xbox Games Studios games. “A CEO of an entire games division who tests his own games. He’s a hell of a CEO.” make fun of Internet users. It could also be that dear Phil is just chilling out on one of the most anticipated games of 2023 after winning his lawsuit against the FTC. A legal battle to validate the takeover of Activision Blizzard which lasted for very long months before ending in a trial spread over a few days.
Either way, curious fans and gamers can’t wait any longer Starfield.

An extremely anticipated game with crazy promises

What awaits players in Starfield ? First of all, a lot of things. The open-world game is expected to feature over 1,000 planets to explore, even if alone” 10% will have life “, if we believe the words of Todd Howard in an interview a few weeks ago. It will be possible to scan the fauna and flora they offer and even sell this information for credits, as shown in a gameplay sequence released recently.

Beyond that, as in all Bethesda RPGs, romances will also be part of it. On the other hand, the title will only have four major romances, which has been debated and which contrasts with the large number of romantic relationships offered by Skyrim, For example. Another point in common with the other productions of the studio, Starfield can be explored in the first or third person.

Finally, Starfield will push the personalization of our adventure to its climax. You can choose your personality traits and skills from a very wide choice, but as a bonus, you can create a ship from scratch as well as outposts. A real management and construction game.

let’s remember that Starfield will be released on September 6. on PC and Xbox with five-day early access for those who pre-order the Constellation Edition or Digital Premium. Starfield will also be playable as soon as it is released in the Game Pass, which has just announced a new formula.

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