Starfield is officially ‘done’! Release in September secured thanks to gold status

starfield is officially 'done'! release in september secured thanks to

Tom Henry

Starfield is officially ‘done’! Release in September secured thanks to gold status

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Starfield has reached Gold status. Nothing stands in the way of the release.

Microsoft and Bethesda have been so covert with official information about Starfield in the past few weeks that it was almost a little spooky. Some people may have wondered whether the release on September 6th for Xbox Series X/S and PC will not be postponed at the last moment.

However, we can take away your last worries. Just became official via Twitter/X the gold status was announced, which means nothing else than: in 21 days we’re off to space!

Starfield will be preloaded soon

But that’s not all of the good news. In the course of the gold status, it was also revealed when you can download the game on the different platforms.

  • Xbox Series X/S: August 17th
  • PC: August 17th
  • Steam: August 30th

At what time is not yet known. We will find out more here, but we will inform you immediately.

How big is the download? If we go according to the information in the store, you have to download 126.1 GB.

Starfield release and early access

If you get the Standard Edition or play Starfield via Xbox Game Pass, it’s up to you September 6 at 2:00 p.m German time off.

Do you want to start earlier via Early Access? and if you got the Collector’s Edition, Premium Edition or the Premium Upgrade for 34.99 euros, you can start five days earlier. More precisely on September 1st, at 2:00 a.m. German time.

Everything you need to know about the Xbox Exclusive can be found here in the article:

Starfield Technology Expectations

The three of our colleagues from GameStar Talk got together yesterday and talked about Starfield’s technology. You can watch the really highly recommended talk with Michael Graf and the two hardware and engine experts Nils Raettig and Sören Diedrich here:

Can Starfield keep its technology promises at all?

start video


Can Starfield keep its technology promises at all?

When is the Starfield GamePro review coming out? It is currently planned that a test of the Xbox Series X/S versions will appear before the Early Access release. As soon as we are allowed to communicate an exact date, we will of course do so.

Were you still worried that Starfield would be postponed? And butter by the fish, how excited are you for the Bethesda RPG?

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