Starfield: Preload launches tomorrow, but not on Steam

starfield: the most expensive edition is said to cost €300

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Starfield: Preload launches tomorrow, but not on Steam

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The Starfield preload starts tomorrow, August 17, 2023. MeinMMO explains what you need to know.

Starfield, perhaps the most anticipated game of the year, will be released on September 6, 2023. It is now known when the preload will start on Steam and Xbox. MeinMMO tells you what you need to know.

Updated August 16, 2023: The article originally appeared on August 4th when a small preload, only a few MB in size, started on Steam and Xbox. We updated the post on August 16th with updated information after Bethesda announced the correct preload of Starfield.

The original message from August 4th can be found further down in the article.

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Starfield Preload: When can you download the game?

When does the preload start? As Bethesda Game Softworks, the development studio behind Starfield, announced via Twitter on August 16, the preload of the role-playing game will be available from August 17, 2023 for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PCs.

An exception is the preload via Steam. Users of the platform will not be able to download Starfield until August 30, 2023.

With the announcement of when the Starfield preload will start, Bethesda also announced that the long-awaited role-playing game has reached gold status. This means Starfield is now complete and ready for delivery.

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Bethesda announces the Starfield preload on Twitter

How big is Starfield on PC and Xbox? Starfield is reportedly said to be around 125GB, according to the Microsoft Store (via GamePro). We will add details as soon as the preload is available.

Original message from August 4: Preload is between 10 MB and 300 MB depending on the platform

How big is the preload? We tested the size of the download for Starfield in the editorial office. Currently you have to download 10 MB with the Game Pass and then the preload is complete. You can’t get any further at the moment (yet), because you get an error message when you start the game. You cannot start a larger download afterwards. Only one person is currently allowed to play Starfield anyway and everyone else has to be patient.

Starfield Preload Game Pass

Others report on Reddit, for example, that they can download around 300 megabytes on their Xbox Series X. After that it’s over too. It is not known when they will be able to continue the download.

We’re checking the size of the download on Steam right now and will update you if we know more.

However, since Starfield will be significantly larger than the 10 megabytes that we can currently download, the download should only be the beginning or just the client for the game.

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