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Starfield Reveals Character Creation, Skill Trees, And New Details At Xbox Showcase

Much is expected of the next action role-playing game of Bethesda Game Studios, the studio’s first new IP in over two decades, and a major new Xbox title, Starfield. At the recent Xbox Games Showcase, we got a full look at the game courtesy of Starfield Direct of Bethesda.

A lot of details about the story, space, and various aspects of the game were revealed at the show, and one in particular that will catch the attention of many gamers is the character creator. He has an amazing degree of fluidity and freedom in a variety of choices, including skin tone, hair color, jewelry, scars, teeth adjustments, and much, much more.


The game will allow players to choose a backstory for the main character, and depending on which of the many available options is chosen, we will also get unique abilities. Each background will come with three abilities of its own, which will, in turn, dynamically alter the game. Interestingly, if our character follows a specific religion based on his background, an enemy of the same religion might choose not to be hostile towards you.

To further customize your character, you’ll also be able to choose from three traits, each of which will provide unique advantages and disadvantages, like getting a buff, but having to deal with randomly spawning mercenaries to kill you. Traits will be optional, but if you choose them and don’t like the effects they’re having, they can be removed.

On top of that, players will also be able to customize and upgrade their characters through an expansive progression system, spanning five separate skill trees, with each ability having four ranks they can upgrade to. Meanwhile, completing specific challenges will also reward us with new abilities. Abilities will allow players to do a variety of things, from being able to control the minds of aliens and improving their stealth abilities to enhancing their melee and physical abilities and more.


Starfield launches on September 6 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. You can watch the Xbox Showcase video starting at 1:36:40.