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Starfield: the collector’s edition has leaked and it will be huge

starfield: the collector's edition has leaked and it will be

New day, new leak around Starfield! No stolen images or gameplay videos. It’s the collector’s edition leaked ahead of time and it’s going to sting.


D-day is approaching. The Xbox Games Showcase will finally shed light on the brand’s upcoming exclusives, including Starfield. The “Skyrim in space” is particularly at the turn. Partly because it will automatically suffer from comparison with Bethesda’s most iconic RPG, partly because Redfall was such a disappointment that all hopes are now pinned on it. Gameplay, story, open world… the showcase dedicated to the game should be rich in new information. It’s an open secret at this stage, the presentation will also reserve two surprises: a controller and a helmet in the colors of Starfield. But these will not be the only collector’s items around the game. The different editions of the Xbox Series exclusivity are revealed in advance.

The different editions of Starfield have leaked

More leaks around Starfield. For several weeks, leaks around the game have been linked. So much so that the controller and the collector’s helmet are already found in nature and in French stores. No gameplay video on the horizon, but the dataminer Billbil-Kun (Dealabs) does it again by revealing the different editions of the game. Finally, reveal remains a very big word since it only confirms their existence and their prices. We also learn that Starfield will be available in three versions. The standard, billed at €79.99 on Xbox Series and €69.99 on PC, the Premium displayed at €114.99 on console and €10 less on PC. The one that should catch the eye of brand worshipers will undoubtedly be the Constellation Edition and it will clearly not be cheap.

It will cost the trifle of € 299.99 on all platforms, just that! What justifies this price? Impossible to know for the moment, the content of the different editions still remaining a mystery. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will manage to keep the secret until its conference, which will be held on Sunday, June 11, 2023 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. On the other hand, we imagine that it will be a monstrous collector’s item, with no doubt a model of a ship, a replica of the helmet or in any case something imposing, all embellished with digital bonuses and a pretty box that will snap well on your shelf. But that’s all guesswork until the Xbox Games Showcase. Finally, if that either does not leak before the big meeting.

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