Starfield: the next patch is crazy, it changes everything

starfield: the next patch is crazy, it changes everything

Starfield aims to continually improve, and in fact, a great step forward promises to transform the experience of PC players. Very heavy on the program.

Starfield’s next major PC update, currently in beta, looks promising in terms of performance improvements, according to early testing. This important development could revolutionize gaming for many users.

Starfield, a major change to the program

According to Digital Foundry’s analysis, this Starfield update marks “a big step forward for PC gaming”, mainly thanks to “massive” performance improvements across various CPU and GPU configurations. This is very encouraging news.

The game now takes much better advantage of the multiple cores of high-end processors. Testing showed a 20% performance improvement in a run through Akila City on a Ryzen 7 7800X3D. A clear improvement is also observed on non-AMD graphics cards.

Indeed, AMD GPUs experience a slight increase in performance, while Nvidia and Intel cards show much more significant gains, thus aligning their performance with expectations. This patch also provides adequate support for upscaling with DLSS on Nvidia GPUs, with results similar to fan-made DLSS mods.

A big improvement

However, there are challenges to overcome. The implementation of HDR on PC does not yet reach the level of community mods, and irregularities in the framerate, with jerks. For Digital Foundry, this is about “frame-time hiccups” which refer to irregularities or fluctuations in the time it takes for the game to generate and display each frame on the screen. In an optimally functioning game, each image (or frame) should be produced and displayed at regular intervals, creating a smooth visual experience. This is not yet completely the case here.

However, Digital Foundry believes that this version is closer to the game as it should have been offered at launch. Further improvements are possible before the end of the beta period.

The new Starfield update is expected to officially roll out in November. The beta is already available on PC via Steam, and we are waiting to see if significant technical improvements will also be made on Xbox.

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