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Starfield: the weight of the game on Xbox Series finally revealed, it’s colossal

starfield: the weight of the game on xbox series finally

Only a few more weeks to go before the release of Starfield. Microsoft’s timing to scare Xbox Series gamers with this new announcement.

In exactly two months, there is no doubt that many players will be in front of their Xbox or their PC, already immersed in the space adventure offered by Starfield. The game will be released on September 6 and some lucky players will be able to discover the title developed by Bethesda from September 1 thanks to the early access available in the Premium and Constellation editions of the game. Starfieldyou will have to make your arrangements, because very important information has just been officially revealed and may make some people dizzy.


Microsoft scares gamers

The Starfield page on the Microsoft Store has just been updated with crucial information: the weight of the game on Xbox Series X|S. Suffice to say that you will have to make room on the SSD of your console to take advantage of it. The title will weigh no less than 125 GB on Microsoft consoles. Logical given what Bethesda promises us in its open world adventure. Xbox Series S owners will nevertheless have to make choices given that the console only has 512 GB of disk space, 364 GB of which is dedicated to installing games.

The weight of Starfield on console is therefore identical to the size of the file on PC, knowing that it will probably also be necessary to have an overpowered configuration (and therefore particularly expensive) to enjoy it in 4K and as it should be. Those who do not have fiber or 5G can anticipate by pre-downloading the game a week before the release.

Starfield will weigh heavily, and we know why

If Starfield will weigh so heavily when it is released, it is certainly because players will be able to explore more than 1000 planets during the adventure, take part in space combats and spectacular land battles. The large number of lines of dialogue that the game will have can also explain its weight of 125 GB. Moreover, at the end of June, Todd Howard revealed new details about Starfield after his long presentation a few days earlier during of the Summer Game Fest 2023.


A controversy began to swell because of one of the declarations of the veteran of Bethesda. Starfield will only feature four main romances. Some players have railed, even pushing the main author of the Dragon Age series to come to the defense of an open-world game developed by Bethesda. We’ll soon be able to find out all of this for ourselves, given that Starfield is releasing on September 6th for Xbox Series and PC.

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