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Starfield tops Steam wishlist

The race for the top spot on the Steam store wishlist is on, and Starfield, the new original IP from Bethesda, currently holds the top spot.

This ambitious sci-fi action RPG is the latest project from the studio responsible for The Elder Scrolls and the modern Fallout series, and fans of the genre are eager to get their hands on it, if we look at the Steam stats.

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Surprisingly, Sons of the Forest, the sequel to the 2014 hit The Forest, is struggling to stay on the wish list even though it just entered Early Access. Although this has boosted its popularity, its appeal is not as strong as that of other competitors.

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Coming in at number two is Dark and Darker, which taps into the timeless niche that all great fantasy games must master, that of dungeons, and tries to improve on the formula.

Coming in at third is Party Animals, a game that’s been talked about for a while and boasts the highest fan following (according to Steam’s numbers) of any title vying for the top spots.

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Finally, the long-awaited Hollow Knight: Silksong at number four, almost halfway between a meme and a nervous breakdown.

What games are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.