Starfield will allow us to smuggle and assemble a crew of more than 20 members

starfield will allow us to smuggle and assemble a crew

Tom Henry

Starfield will allow us to smuggle and assemble a crew of more than 20 members

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Will Shen and Emil Pagliarulo, Starfield DesEsports ExtrasDirector and Designer respectively, recently confirmed on the official Discord that we will not only be able to recruit a crew of more than 20 characters with its own name and background, but also, if we want to smuggle merchandise For populated systems, we will need a special upgrade for the ship.

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In the round of Questions and Answers that has been fully transcribed on Reddit, Pagliarulo said : “There are specific items that are considered contraband, which means they’re pretty much illegal everywhere. And yes, you can hide them using special ship modules that you can buy. So, you know, don’t get caught with those harvested organs. The economy is fixed, but the prices of goods bought and sold can change based on the Skills you choose.”

About the crew members we can recruit, Shen said: “There are more than 20 named characters that can join your crew. Four of them belong to Constellation and have the most story and player interaction, but all named characters have their own background and can follow you everywhere (and bring your extra things and equipment).”

“When we started pre-production on Starfield, we looked back at our previous games and realized how popular and effective companions were. So they were a big priority for us, and we really wanted to tie them directly to the mission. major“, added Pagliarulo. ” There are some really big moments with them, specifically. I also have to mention that our voice cast is amazing. We haven’t released the list yet, but you can be sure there are plenty of talented actors bringing these characters to life.”

You will also have to count on some of your allies being good combatants, because the developers have also confirmed that it will not be possible to make a purely pacifist game in the game.

Will you get into the shoes of a smuggler in Starfield? Or will you go straight down the path of space hacking?

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