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Starfield will announce the date of its event in the coming days, according to ‘insiders’

A month ago Microsoft celebrated the Xbox Developer_Directan event dedicated to some of this year’s games, such as Forza Motorsport, redfall, The Elder Scrolls Online, Minecraft Legends or the surprise launch of Hi-Fi: Rush. AND Starfield? Bethesda confirmed that it would have its own space for the Xbox Series and PC RPG later, and according to the latest rumors, it will be announced this week.

Andy Robinson’s VGC post a message in which the announcement of this presentation of Starfield was “imminent”, although it did not clarify much if it would be a matter of hours or days. Others insiders Xbox regulars, such as Jez Corden, have clarified that according to their information “they will announce it next weekwhich is in line with what I’ve heard before.” Other members of the Xbox Two Podcast say they have the same information from different sources. Microsoft explained in January that they wanted “to spend adequate time for a deep-immersion experience Starfield from Bethesda Game Studios, for this reason, we are preparing a standalone show.”

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In addition to an in-depth look at the game, this event should clarify the release date. Some speculations speak of slight internal delays but it will still arrive in the first half of the year, possibly June. “I’m of the opinion that Starfield is coming out in June,” Corden said a few weeks ago. “I think that Starfield will launch in June. Although I have bet that it will be delayed, the latest information I have suggests that it will be in June”.

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Everything we know about Starfield

“Todd Howard wanted to focus on the colossal scale of Starfield, a game for which they previously said that they had created the largest open world in the history of Bethesda. The space exploration of this title will allow us to land our ship at any point on any planet, a statement that becomes even more surprising when we discover that there are more than 1000 planets in which more than 100 systems that make up the Colonized Systemsthe ‘little corner’ of the Milky Way in which the game is set”, we commented in our Advance.

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