Starfield will include one of the most desired mechanics by players but with a ‘unique twist’.

starfield will include one of the most desired mechanics by

Tom Henry

Starfield will include one of the most desired mechanics by players but with a ‘unique twist’.

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Starfield has been eight years in development, although some more in the minds of those responsible for its creation. As he admits it himself Todd Howard, from Bethesda, in an interview with GQ. In it, she explains that they liked the name of the project so much that they quickly registered it, in 2013, two years before finishing the development of the project. fallout 4. Since then, the studio has been working on this ambitious space RPG that finally arrives on PC and Xbox Series X/S on September 6.

In those eight years there have been many changes in planning, some of which we are aware of and others of which we do not: in the interview it is reflected that the two delays in Starfield publicly announced are just a few of those that have been produced, because there have been more internal delays than we have ever heard of. Howard further admits that the game didn’t start to feel fun to play until last year, and that he generally thought development was going to be faster: “I thought we were going to find the answers faster (…) That’s right.” the pace of the video game.

Starfield will have New Game+ with an “exciting twist”

Emil Pagliarulo, desEsports Extrasdirector of Starfield, also participates in that interview. In it we can read some extra details of this expected role-playing game. In fact, at one point we see a novelty not announced until now: Starfield will have New Game+, a feature that also comes with a “unique and exciting twist to encourage repetition and continued play”. We will have to wait for its launch to find out what that twist is about.

In vandal we are already playing Starfield to bring you his analysis on August 31. Before that we were able to attend a presentation at Gamescom 2023 in which we have seen the start of the game. In these first minutes that work as a tutorial and barely allow us to glimpse the entire experience, one thing is clear to us: Bethesda Game Studios continues to enjoy surprising and exciting with the beginnings of their adventures”, we tell you in our impressions.

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