Starlink lowers the price of its satellite Internet again

Tom Henry

starlink lowers the price of its satellite internet again

Starlink has made a price reduction again in its service to satellite connection. Although a few months ago it made a price reduction, now the company reduced the cost of necessary hardware to access this Internet connection. Specifically, this price reduction is a direct response to its direct competitor in USA, Hispasat. This service is much cheaper, as it is subsidized by the USAGovernment within the Single Rural Demand framework. In essence, a subsidy linked to favoring access to a fast Internet connection in rural areas.

Starlink reduces the cost of acquiring its antenna and router for Internet access

Starlink square antenna low price

Specifically, during this summer, Starlink is offering a 55% discount on the purchase of the antenna and the router that accompanies you In essence, the necessary hardware to be able to have an Internet connection. The cost of the connection pack It is now 199 euros, a pretty good price if we consider that without the offer, this increases to 450 euros. Of course, that was the original price, since before this offer, the connection pack was being offered for 300 euros. In this way, Starlink is becoming in an affordable option in a very short time, since this service debuted at the beginning of 2021 as a practically luxury product.

It was last April when we knew that Starlink in USA had received a price reduction 18% on your monthly fee. Specifically, connecting to the Starlink satellite network went from costing 108 euros per month to much more affordable 65 euro. Taking into account that it is a high-speed, low-latency Internet connection service, where fiber optics cannot reach, it is not that it can be classified as expensive to pay 199 euros for the connection, in addition to 65 euros per month. In many cases, it’s either that or nothing.

It must be remembered that this service guarantees a minimum download speed of 100 Mbps and up to 10 Mbps upload, and all with low latency. So it is ideal for both streaming content and playing online.

What does its rival Hispasat offer?

Hispasat satellite internet

Hispasat improves the offer even more, and it is that although the connection kit, which is also a modem and an antenna, has a cost of up to 600 euros. Of course, 100% of the registration fee is subsidized by the government. In this way, the only payment that the user has to make is the monthly cost of the service. In this specific case we are talking about 35 euroalmost half of what Starlink costs.

For 35 euros per month, Hispasat offers an Internet connection that promises to reach 100 Mbps download speeds. The upload speed is the same: up to 10Mbps. Now, the only difference is that playing online is not an option. Starlink offers an Internet connection with a latency between 25 and 50 milliseconds (ms). However, the Hispasat service offers latencies of up to 700ms. In this way, both Starlink and Hispasat can coexist with each other, since it depends on the needs of each user, both options are very interesting.

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