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Steam: A new first-person shooter in space is already the surprise of 2023 for thousands of players

The shooter Boundary was released on Steam about a week ago. Here you fight weightless in space. Many are already enthusiastic or recommend keeping an eye on the shooter. Because one thing in particular is still being criticized.

With Boundary, a new shooter has started in Early Access on Steam. The special thing about the shooter is that you have to fight weightlessly in space. So you not only fight against other players, but also against the weightlessness that surrounds you everywhere.


You float around in space and a space station, shooting at each other. With your rocket suit you move across the map and have to hit your opponents at the same time. So you’re dealing with a whole new situation, like having both feet on the ground.

Many players already agree that you should definitely keep an eye on the shooter. Because Boundary could develop into a real insider tip if you should get a grip on the problems that still exist at the moment.

If you want to try the shooter, you can currently buy Boundary on Steam for 21.59 euros.


Fantastic atmosphere and missing region lock

Almost all players praise the unique setting and the very good gameplay, because the shooter offers everything you need for a good multiplayer game:

  • There are different game modes like team deathmatch, points mode or a no respawn deathmatch mode.
  • The presentation and sound are excellent for an early access title.
  • The atmosphere is dense and you really have the feeling of traveling in outer space.

Colleagues from the English magazine PCGamer report, for example, that the shooter “Boundary” will be a real surprise for them in April 2023.

Is there any criticism? Yes, one thing in particular bothers many players and that is the high ping. The problem: All players from North America, Europe and Asia play together on the same server.


Players complain that they are constantly getting knocked out by people who wouldn’t even see them on their screen, or that their shots just go through the enemy without dealing any damage:

I was constantly getting killed by people who hadn’t appeared on my screen yet, or in just 2-3 rounds after firing 8-9 shots at them and only getting hit marks, and only when my bullets didn’t easily go through them passed through.

The lack of a regional lock guarantees that you will encounter an Asian player with a ping of over 300, who will then shoot you down without you being able to do much.

Another problem that should not be underestimated is the progression system. Because in the game you unlock better attachments or weapons and you are much better off than players who are playing the game for the first time. This would make the hurdle for beginners uncomfortably high.

How long should Early Access last? The developers explain on Steam that the game should be developed together with the community for 6-12 months. After that, the game will celebrate its official release.

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