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Steam: Counter-Strike 2 supposedly gets an anti-cheat system that can end your match

According to a well-known leaker, Counter-Strike 2 is getting an anti-cheat tool that is supposed to improve your gaming experience and is known from Valorant.

For weeks, all CS:GO leakers and dataminers only talked about the rumors of an allegedly upcoming successor to the tactical shooter. Since March 22nd, Counter-Strike 2 has been officially confirmed and will be a major update for CS:GO.


Now the data miners are pouncing on CS2 and providing the world with all the information they can find. One of them, the well-known leaker Aquarius, has now discovered a reference to an anti-cheat tool that can end your ongoing match and shared his find on Twitter.

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The well-known leaker and dataminder Aquarius shares his find on Twitter

Anti-cheat tool can end matches

How should the tool make your gaming experience fairer? According to the information from the dataminer, this tool should end a match completely if it detects a cheater.


A similar system also exists in the CS competitor Valorant. There you will get a red message on your screen in the middle of your round, informing you that a cheater has been detected. After the red screen you are back in the main menu of the tactical shooter and the last game played is over.

You don’t have to play the match to the end and let your gaming experience be ruined if a player is caught cheating. Also, no one loses rank points by ending the match this way, but no one gains any either. It’s as if the match never happened.

Counter-Strike 2 brings a whole bunch of changes. You can see a summary in our video on MeinMMO:


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Currently, some players can already test CS2 and form an initial opinion about the CS:GO successor. Among the testers are professional gamers and streamers like shooter god shroud. He has already summarized his first impressions:

Shooter god shroud opens up on Twitch about his first impressions of Counter-Strike 2, jokes: “Bye bye FPS”