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Steam: DOTA 2 players are just celebrating the new update – but now they are falling from heaven into ELO hell

steam: dota 2 players are just celebrating the new update

A few days ago, MOBA DOTA 2 (Steam) announced patch 7.33, which should make everything bigger: the map grew by 40%, and many new features were added. But now the patch is there and one detail annoys many players: A new algorithm “Glücko” reclassifies their rank and the algorithm that Valve trusts so much seems to have some quirks. A former professional from Germany feels the quirks particularly hard.

What’s the detail players get upset about? Many celebrated the DOTA 2 update for the first time and were impressed by how massive the patch is and what it changes. But one detail in patch 7.33 was either overlooked or is now much more blatant than expected:


DOTA has changed the Elo algorithm previously used to assess player strengths. Fair matches can only be found with a good distribution algorithm: Strong players should compete with other strong players against similarly strong opponent teams.

For this it is important that an algorithm correctly assesses the playing strength of each player.

Valve brings new algorithm, they say they trust “Glücko” very much

The developers say: Over time, the distribution of the value would have shifted downwards with the old algorithm, which was not wanted. Therefore, patch 7.33 brought a “new and improved distribution algorithm”, the Glücko.


Valve said people would go through “short periods of calibration” and then probably end up at a different medal tier.

The Steam operators assured: You have full confidence in this algorithm.


Dota 2 – The New Frontiers Update

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German professional falls tens of steps, is angry

This is the result now: A previous top DOTA 2 player is German Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier. He’s made about $240,000 playing DOTA 2, the most in 2015.


He was downgraded from Immortal to Crusader after calibration, a huge drop in ranking:

I’ve fallen from the highest rank in the top 1000 to the third lowest. Which algorithm does this?

Reitmeier says: People should imagine Lionel Messe taking a two-year break from football and then playing in a youth team again.

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New algorithm in DOTA 2 is apparently still buggy

Are there other voices? Yes, indeed, apparently even players who were previously ranked low are suddenly high up. The Dotesports site notes that it could be because the new, wonderful “luck” algorithm that Valve trusts so much is confusing turbo games with normal games.

Therefore, players who only play Turbo could level up more easily.

In any case, many DOTA 2 players seem to be playing against opponents that are either too strong or too weak at the moment and that depresses the mood, which was still so great when leafing through the patch notes.


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