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Steam: Esports team has been criticized for promoting CS:GO gambling with a pro who just turned 18 | Top News

steam: esports team has been criticized for promoting cs:go gambling

Esports team G2 is a big player in League of Legends, but also in CS:GO (Steam). But a new commercial is causing criticism: G2 is celebrating the 18th birthday of CS:GO professional Illya “m0nesy” Osipov with a visit to a CS:GO betting casino.

What is this gamble?

  • In the shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trading in cosmetic items, skins, is so established that the skins are “as good as cash”. Certain skins are worth a fortune.
  • For a long time there have therefore been “betting sites” where players gamble like in a casino, but with CS:GO skins as a substitute for real money.
  • Such websites have always been highly controversial in CS:GO. Because gambling, whether for money or skins, carries the risk of addiction, loss of control, and financial ruin.

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Pro, who just turned 18, is ‘the face’ of new promotional deal

This is the ad now: The e-sports team G2 has a new advertising partner in “CSGOROlL” and is celebrating this partnership with an advertising clip.


Russian CS:GO pro m0Nesy goes to a casino 2 days after his 18th birthday and can gamble for skins elegantly and coolly.

He shows his ID at the entrance as proof that he is finally 18 and also proves that he has some really great skins so that he can finally access the casino where he can play with smartly dressed “adults”.

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Dangerous precedent

Why is this criticized? Various users on Twitter criticized the advertising:

  • A Twitter account belonging to a trading site asks, “Why are you promoting unregulated gambling to your underage fans? This is a big issue in the CS:GO/ esports community and the team behind G2 should know better.”
  • One trader writes, “This sets a dangerous precedent, in my view. I have so many friends and family members who have ruined their lives gambling.”

The fact that such a young person is used as an advertising medium is viewed critically. The spot seems to say, “Finally 18, finally getting to do the really cool things in life…gambling.”

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