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Steam: No Man’s Sky is a prime example of great further development – shows new update in the trailer

In the latest update of No Man’s Sky you can not only get a new spaceship, but also a robot sidekick. The science fiction game, which was so harshly criticized at the beginning, is now considered a prime example of successful further development 7 years later

What is this update? The space survival game No Man’s Sky has been in constant flux since its release in 2016. The ambitious title regularly receives updates with new content and gameplay improvements.


In addition to a new spaceship and an improved VR experience for PSVR2, the latest “Fractal Update” also brings a small robot that accompanies you as a loyal friend on your journeys through the universe.

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What does the Fractal Update include?

  • Utopia Expedition
    • Abnormal solar activity is preventing item crafting in the Bakkin system. The so-called Utopia Foundation is starting a big reconstruction project, the Utopia Expedition, which you can join.
  • Utopia Speeder Starship
    • The Utopia Speeder Starship is a new starship that you receive after completing the complete program of the Utopia Foundation.
  • A little robotic companion named Robo-Warden
    • Industrious settlers receive a small, hovering companion, the Robo-Warden, from the Utopia Foundation
  • Utopia Settlers will receive a new helmet desEsports Extrascalled the Fearsom Visor, which is visually reminiscent of Darth Vader’s headgear.
  • A holographic friend for the base
    • If you contribute to the Utopia community project, you will receive a holographic friend as a decoration for your base
  • Motion control on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch
    • The “Motion Control” technology allows you to look around with a movement of the DualShocks/JoyCons instead of using the sticks of the respective controller.
  • Updated to PSVR2 tech released on February 22nd to offer a more immersive VR experience, received numerous improvements (base building, improved textures, VR galaxy map overhaul).
  • Alien structures such as monoliths and portals are now said to create a mysterious environment through fog and “dramatic visual effects”.
  • Some Quality of Life adjustments
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The full patch notes can be found at

What does the trailer show? The trailer of the new Fractal Update primarily shows the gameplay with PSVR2 and the new spaceship, the Utopia Speeder Starship. In addition, a voice lists some content of the patch notes.

After a rather unfortunate release, No Man’s Sky has come a long way and has made many improvements and brought a lot of new content. As a result of Hello Games’ hard work, No Man’s Sky 2023 is one of the 25 Best Survival Games 2023 for PlayStation, PC and Xbox


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