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Steam: Player creates a special record in an MMPRPG, it takes only 711 hours to do it

Player He Box Jonge set a crazy world record in Old School RuneScape (Steam, Android, iOS). While other players are attempting speedruns for individual content, he maxed an entire account as quickly as possible. He undercut his original goal by 200 hours and just beat another speed runner.

What is that record? In July 2022, the player started his journey to the “Max Cape”. This is a reward for players who have reached the maximum level of 99 in all 23 skills. These skills include attacking, life points and magic, but also cooking, logging and fishing.


In his announcement video, He Box Jonge explained that he had two goals for the challenge:

  • He wanted to be faster than the player JCW, who had also started this challenge just before him.
  • He wanted to stay under 1,000 hours, which many thought was very ambitious. After all, there were only 32,929 players who maximized all skills (as of March 1, 2023). It took many thousands of hours to do this.

The player followed his journey to the “Max Cape” on Twitch and in a small video series on YouTube. The last video was published on March 27th. There he presented his success. He reached the max level in all skills in 32 days, 3 hours and 3 minutes and fell well short of his goal with 771 hours of play.

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Wasted too much time fishing

How was the other player doing? There was a close neck-and-neck race between He Box Jonge and JCW over long stretches, according to Reddit user Drogon. In the Slayer success, which only recently set another record, they are said to have been almost equally fast.


JCW was even faster than He Box Jonge at runecrafting. He even set a temporary world record of 6 hours to rank 99 in this skill, which has since been broken again.

However, JCW had to admit defeat when it came to fishing. There he lost over 7 hours to his opponent because he underestimated the driftnets in the low-level area.

In the end, JCW even brought all skills to the max level almost at the same time, but it took 792 hours to do so.


What’s next? Both players have become friends through the challenge and want to set more records in the future. He Box Jonge wants to focus on the Ultimate Ironman. There are special rules:

  • You only have one life – On death you are demoted to “Standard Ironman”.
  • You cannot trade with other players
  • You can’t use a bank
  • You get no XP and no loot from PvP
  • You cannot use certain quests, rewards, and mini-games

What do you think of such crazy successes? And what have you already achieved that you are particularly proud of? Feel free to write it in the comments.

Another player has already struggled through the Ironman and got a lot of ridicule for it:

Player stuck 19,100 hours and 8 years in . – Must justify that he is not a “loser”.