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Steam: Player Loses Bet On “1/10,000” Pet In MMORPG – Actually Pays Painful Gambling Debt | Top News

steam: player loses bet on "1/10,000" pet in mmorpg

A player of the . Oldschool RuneScape (Steam) made a thoughtless bet on reddit. He aired an extremely painful betting debt, thinking there was no way an . player could find a rare pet the next day. He was wrong.

What was bet on?

  • In the . oldschool Runescape, there is a player known as “crazy penguin dude” on reddit. User “heytomsmyname” started a grind on October 5th, 2022 to get a rare pet: the “Giant Squirrel”.
  • Completing an Agility course with penguins in Oldschool Runescape has a 1 in 9779 chance of getting this pet. The penguin course still has the best chance of getting the pet, other agility courses sometimes have a chance of 1:35,609.
  • So the player decided to run this course 100 times a day and to post a “Penguin Fact” on reddit every day.

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“If you find the pet tomorrow, then…”

what was the bet Reddit user TessaHolly responded to one of these “Penguin Facts” with a bet:


If you get it tomorrow, my fiancé will squirt hot coffee in my asshole.

That was on May 1st. Unfortunately for the Reddit user, on May 2nd, the crazy penguin dude actually got his pet.

Fiance beamed when she heard what she can do with her fiancé

This is how the bet went: On May 2nd, the player finally published the post they had been waiting for for 200 days: they had found the pet and can now escape from its “icy prison”.

The player says he ended up completing 25,000 laps of the course and still had some “Penguin Facts” left to pass out.


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Did the reddit user cash in their bet? Yes he has. After people on reddit encouraged him to definitely pay his betting debt, the time had come. As seen in one clip, he actually gave himself the coffee enema and responded accordingly (via reddit).

In an interview with gamesradar, he says his girlfriend loved the idea of ​​squirting coffee up his butt. He says his fiancee’s face lit up like it was Christmas and she said, “Okay!!!! Can I show it to my friends later?”


In the end, the fiancé’s concern was less about his health and more about the danger that a neighbor might see what was going on. He always smokes on the balcony.

When asked how the coffee felt, the Reddit user said it’s kind of like what the top of your mouth feels like after eating pizza that’s too hot.

Every day people make petty and pretty crazy bets in .s or online forums. Someone actually cashed in a bet here.


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