Steam: Players save an MMORPG that was about to be shut down: “Can bring back team members”

Tom Henry

steam: players save an mmorpg that was about to be

The developers of Project: Gorgon announced just a few days ago that the . was in danger of being discontinued. Although they didn’t want to close the game, they did want to suspend further development. Now, however, the community has donated money and taken out additional subscriptions to save the game.

How has the situation been so far? On November 11th, the developers revealed that the future of Project: Gorgon is looking bad. They had run out of money and therefore wanted to limit themselves to bug fixes for the time being. Major updates cannot be financed.

The goal was actually to think again at the beginning of 2024 about how and whether the . could be saved.

What has changed now? As the developers revealed in the Discord, fans donated over $20,000 directly to the studio. On top of that there are new subscription and game purchases. The boss Eric Heimburg says:

The first big question is: How can we use your donations to continue development in the best possible way? All of this will of course go into the development of the game – that’s what it’s all about. But we’re not yet sure how to use it most effectively. We’ll still have to think about that. We will maintain our current holiday development plans while we evaluate what we can afford next year.

What is certain, however, is that things will continue for now: “It is now possible to bring some of the team members back to work on the next updates – updates that we didn’t even know before whether they would even be possible.”

Project: Gorgon – Steam release trailer

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Can you already see the positive mood? Yes. On Steam, the number of players increased again. On November 14th, Peak had 259 people logged in at the same time. That was the best value since August. In the meantime the game was down to under 160 players.

In addition, since the announcement, 12 positive reviews and only one negative review have been given. This corresponds to a score of 93% positive reviews. This trumps the 84% that the title has overall. This alone makes it one of the 10 .s with the best ratings on Steam.

What kind of game is Project Gorgon? The indie . wants to take you back to the times of EverQuest 1 and Asheron’s Call. There are no predefined classes and the combat system also relies on classic tab targeting.

The . also places a lot of emphasis on exploring the world and finding out things for yourself. It offers:

  • Various PvE content such as quests and boss monsters
  • Housing
  • Open trade with your own shop
  • NPCs should recognize you and you can make them your friend or enemy
  • There is currently no PvP and if it comes, it won’t be in the open world.

What are your impressions of Project: Gorgon? And do you think the . can still save itself?

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