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Steam: Server status for the release of Sons of the Forest – This is the current status

With the release of Sons of the Forest on February 23, many fans are concerned about whether the Steam servers can withstand the onslaught. MeinMMO provides you with the current status.

Are the Steam servers down? The Steam servers are currently unstable. During our tests, an error occurred exactly when Sons of the Forest was released at 7:00 p.m. German time, which means that neither the Steam shop nor the Sons of the Forest Steam page can be accessed.

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This applies to both the Steam app and the website version of Steam. At times it works to surf the pages, but the connection is currently unstable. However, according to, all EU servers should be online.

Some users manage to buy Sons of the Forest currently and even give it to others as a gift. Twitch streamers CohhCarnage and Trymacs can already play. Sons of the Forest costs 28.99 euros.

How does the server down happen? Sons of the Forest is the most anticipated game on Steam. However, we cannot say how many fans are actually waiting for the game. It’s rare for a release to bring the Steam server itself to its knees.

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You can also find the current status of the release of the survival game in our Sons of the Forest release ticker.

During the release of Hogwarts Legacy, there were hardly any problems, there the game itself was rather plagued by performance problems.

All information about Sons of the Forest in 2 minutes:


Sons of the Forest is the most anticipated survival game on Steam – All information in 2 minutes


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Sons of the Forest release and download

Since there was no preload and no advance purchase for Sons of the Forest, the rush for the game is correspondingly large. Also, you still need to download around 10-20 Esports Extrasbytes more after purchasing the game. The survival game comes exclusively on Steam.

The developers didn’t reveal too much about Sons of the Forest in advance. We already know the rough story of the survival game and some gameplay details, such as NPC companions and the improved building system. You can read more about this in our info hub:

Sons of the Forest: Everything about release, story and gameplay


We’ll keep you up to date with the latest information and guides about Sons of the Forest here on MeinMMO. You can expect us to release more content about the game and share our first impressions with you in the coming days if we manage to buy and play the game.

You can find a first assessment of the game in my analysis of the release:

Survival MMOs are missing what WoW is for .s – is Sons of the Forest going to be “the big thing”?