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Steam: Team Fortress 2 Players Are Jealous – Wishing Valve’s Attention CS:GO Gets

Tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is getting a major update this summer, becoming Counter-Strike 2. Players of another hit shooter on Steam are now hoping for similar treatment.

What is Team Fortress 2? Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a shooter on Steam also developed by Valve. The title, which was released in 2007, is still one of the most popular games on Steam. In February 2023, TF2 has an average of 91,700 simultaneously active players.


With the current number of players, TF2 is one of the five most played games on Steam. Only CS:GO, Dota1, PUBG and Apex Legends are more strongly represented. The 16-year-old shooter on Steam leaves competitors such as the current CoD MW2/ Warzone 2, Rainbow: Six Siege, Destiny 2 and even GTA V behind.

Why are the players jealous of CS? Valve announced on March 22 that CS:GO will feature a major update. CS:GO then becomes Counter-Strike 2 (CS2).

CS2 brings with it numerous changes and is scheduled to appear this summer. The entire community of the tactical shooter is full of anticipation and can hardly believe their luck because their beloved game is getting a general overhaul.


TF2 players want the same for their favorite title. Although the shooter only recently announced that it will receive an update in 2023, fans have had to wait 16 years and are supposed to create the content themselves.

If you want to see what TF2 fans are hoping for in their game, we’ve summarized CS2’s changes in the video below:


Counter-Strike 2 heralds a new era – The most important changes in the video

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How exactly do players express their envy? Mainly with memes. It’s not malicious envy that TF2 players look at Counter-Strike with and wish the game any harm.


They just hope their game gets the same treatment from Valve at some point. This is also shown by TF2 fan “Bedu009” on Reddit, who posts a meme with the phrase “It’s not fair”.

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A meme from Reddit user “Bedu009” about CS2 and wanting to get a similar update for TF2.

However, many users also write that they consider a revision to be unlikely. Others do not have high expectations of an update and only want general improvements:

  • V0idR4mune”Honestly I don’t want a new Team Fortess, I just want them to do a revamped TF2 with new models and stuff (via Reddit).”
  • InstantClassic257: “Would I like to get an update like CS:GO? Hell yeah I would. will we get it Extremely unlikely. All I want is a bot fix, some real communication about the game, and honestly that’s all I need (via Reddit).”
  • Heroman3003: “I imagine they will do a relaunch level update in the more distant future. They seem intent on slowing down their active games VERY SLOWLY […] to Source 2, so I see potential for TF3 to become a thing within the next 10 years or so (via Reddit).”

What is TF2 about? Team Fortress 2 is a team-based hero shooter with gameplay similar to Overwatch. Each character is unique and contributes to a team’s playstyle and tactics.

There are also different maps and game modes like King of the Hill, Payload and Capture the Flag.

Team Fortress is still one of the 14 best multiplayer shooters for PC, Switch, PS4, PS5 and Xbox in 2023.