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Steam: The most useless thing you can buy in Counter-Strike is worth a lot of money because Valve changed one small thing

5 years ago, Valve removed the Cobblestone map from rotation in CS:GO. But that is exactly what is causing great speculation today about a certain item that everyone wants to have. You have to pay 1,000 euros for this today.

The Cobblestone map was one of the most disliked maps in CS:GO due to its gameplay. Because she didn’t play very fast and the fights quickly got boring. But something else made the card so popular: loot boxes with skins that you could buy for a few euros. Because with a lot of luck you could get the “AWP Dragon Lore”, the most expensive skin in the game.


This box is useless because you could really only pull skins from these loot boxes that didn’t give you any advantage in the game.

But 5 years ago, Valve removed the Cobblestone card from the major tournaments. And with that, the option to buy the loot boxes with skins also disappeared. Since then the prices have been rising.

Low number of loot boxes causes prices to rise steadily

Since the card went out of rotation, the number of Cobblestone boxes in the open market has steadily decreased. Boxes, which according to Esports were worth between 15 and 30 euros at the time, now cost 1,000 euros.

Despite the high price, there are thousands on Steam who would like to buy a Cobblestone box at such prices. Because there is still a chance to be able to pull the extremely rare “AWP Dragon Lore” skin from this box. Even if the chances are said to be 1:4000 (0.025%).

Will the Cobblestone map return? That’s difficult to clarify. With Counter-Strike 2, Valve introduced major changes to the popular shooter, including new and modified maps. Still, and many agree, the Cobblestone map would need major changes to make it an exciting map for competitive matchmaking again.


Until then, Cobblestone’s little boxes should continue to sell at record prices.

Skins regularly generate record revenue on Steam

Rare skins from the loot boxes are worth a lot of money and some users are quite willing to put a lot of money on the table for such a skin. For a few weeks now, skin sales have risen sharply and millions in sales are being made. This is always the case when Valve introduces changes or a major tournament is running in the game.


Because for big tournaments you can always buy special loot boxes that carry the symbol of the team or the best player (so-called MVP). Here many gamers are willing to invest a few euros in the boxes in order to get a valuable skin with a lot of luck. One collector even got rich from the skins:

Steam: Collector uses hype to sell valuable skins in CS:GO for top prices – Turns insane amounts of money