Steam: this game is a real hit and it costs almost nothing!

steam: this game is a real hit and it costs

Steam is a veritable gold mine for finding gem games (that’s fair to say). And in fact, one of them has been a huge hit for some time, with a very reasonable price.

Every year on Steam, games emerge and become essential. Word of mouth, supported by the power of social networks, plays a key role. It is in this context that a horror game begins to dominate the rankings, for a small fee.

Steam and the horror game that’s a hit

It is therefore Lethal Company, a cooperative horror game, which is enjoying dazzling success on Steam. Defined as a cooperative horror game focused on scavenging scrap metal from abandoned moons, Lethal Company quickly won over players. Sold at 9.75 euros, it has already sold 642,000 copies since its launch on October 23, surpassing titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Apex Legends in overall Steam sales. Several times in a row.

It also enjoys excellent critical reception, with over 12,000 extremely positive reviews. This is generally a very good place to get a feel for a game. The remarkable thing about Lethal Company is that it was developed by a single individual, Zeekerss, who started out programming for Roblox. Its success on Steam is therefore particularly notable. For those looking for an affordable way to spend a few hours of laughter and thrills with friends, Lethal Company seems like a wise choice, promising unimaginable horrors to discover, understand and avoid at all costs.

What exactly is the principle?

In the game, you play as a contract worker for “the Company”. Your mission is to collect scrap metal from abandoned and industrialized moons in order to meet the Company’s profit quota. If you fail to meet this quota within the allotted time, consequences await you.

This game offers a survival experience with a touch of horror. You have the opportunity to use the money earned to travel to new moons, presenting higher risks and rewards. You can also invest in outfits and decorations for your spaceship. The game also includes the ability to scan various creatures you encounter, adding an aspect of exploration and discovery to the overall experience. In short, it’s an all-round game.​​

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