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Steam will stop working on Windows 7 and 8. When will this happen and what do users need to do?

If you have an outdated version of Windows on the computer you use to play, we have bad news for you. Valve announced that it will end support for Windows 7 and 8, so Steam it will stop working on those operating systems and will require versions 10 or 11.

But don’t worry because you have enough time to do something about it.


When will Steam stop working on Windows 7 and 8?

According to an official statement issued by Valver, the date on which support for these versions of Microsoft’s operating system will end will be Monday, January 1, 2024.

Why will this happen?

According to the company run by Gabe Newell, Steam’s new features rely on a built-in version of Google Chrome that no longer works on older versions of Windows. Also, future versions of the client app will use features and security updates that are only present in Windows 10 and 11.

What should I do if I use Steam on Windows 7 and 8?

The only option if you want to continue using Steam is to upgrade your computer’s operating system to Windows 10 or 11. You can also switch to other Mac or Linux systems that support it, but not all games run on these OS.

This news comes at a time when rumors about the next version of Microsoft’s operating system were getting stronger. According to some insiders, Windows 12 — currently codenamed ‘Next Valley’ — should arrive by the end of 2023.

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