Stellar Blade, the exclusive PS5 game, receives new details

stellar blade, the exclusive ps5 game, receives new details

Tom Henry

Stellar Blade, the exclusive PS5 game, receives new details

This Korean hack and slash action game insists it will arrive in 2023.

Stellar Blade, the exclusive PS5 game, receives new details
Stellar Blade gameplay image

Known as Project Eve in its presentation at one of the 2021 State of Play, Stellar Blade has since become one of the most anticipated action games on PlayStation 5but the game from the Korean studio of Shift Up Corporation still does not have concrete release date for 2023, despite the fact that it confirmed in 2022 that it would hit stores this same year. At least, recently we have been able to learn new details of his narrative and playable proposal.

As we said, it is an action game from a Korean studio in the purest Bayonetta stylewith a woman as the protagonist and a style of hack and slash combat with which to kill a lot of dangerous and grotesque enemies.

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Also very much in the style of what we can expect from a *text muted* May Cry or even what we saw in Final Fantasy XVI, but with an eminently Korean artistic style (in the character design, for example), this new trailer for Stellar Blade focuses Specially in the story of the game. Although along with this brief introduction of the plot, we can also see some action sequences, whether melee or futuristic firearms. Check out:

Join EVE on her mission to save the Earth from a daunting enemy in this new trailer. Stellar Blade, formerly known as Project Eve, is a lively action-adventure game exclusive to PlayStation 5,” we can read in the video description.

At the moment, there is still no clear release date for Stellar Blade on PS5, as this new trailer continues to reveal a simple 2023 without specifying new details. Seeing how busy it is this end of the year, with releases like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Lords of the Fallen or Alan Wake IIif there is no news of Stellar Blade in the coming weeks, it is possible that the game ends up being delayed to 2024.

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