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Stop! In Pokemon GO, wait to send your monsters

stop! in pokemon go, wait to send your monsters

In Pokemon GO you should now wait to send your monsters. We at MeinMMO explain why it’s worth it and until when you should wait.

What monsters are they about? This year’s global GO Fest ran in Pokemon GO over the weekend, with lots of monsters being caught. Including rare and strong specimens, or legendary raid bosses.


Now that the event is over, it’s a good time to sort your Pokemon bag before the new season begins. However, you should wait a little before sending it.

Paldea Pokemon await you in the new season. You can see a first hint in the video:


Pokemon from the Paldea region are coming to Pokemon GO soon!

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Get extra candies when sending

How long do you have to wait? On Tuesday, Pokemon GO will host the last spotlight hour in August, which will not only give you an encounter with the water and poison Pokemon Tentacha, but also a candy bonus when you send it.


If you send your superfluous monsters to the professor between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on that day, you will receive double the candy. With the amount of Pokemon caught over the weekend, it can definitely be worth it.

What should you do now? But you should use the time until the short event sensibly to sort your monsters. Instead of sending them, you simply create a corresponding tag instead. There you can store all the Pokemon that you no longer need.

On Tuesday, during the limelight hour, you can easily open the relevant tag, select all the monsters and send them all at once in just a few seconds. In the following article we will tell you how the tag function works:


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Pokemon GO: Use Filters & Tags – This is how you can quickly sort your monsters


by Franzi Korittke

With which monsters is it worth it?

You should pick up these monsters first: Basically, it’s worth it for all Pokemon that you want to send now. However, if you urgently need space to continue playing, you should focus primarily on the Pokemon for which you still urgently need candies.

In addition, you should also hold back legendary Pokemon and strong specimens, which are among the best attackers in Pokemon GO, because you not only need a lot of candy for them, but also for power-ups.

How can you get more candies? If you want to get even more candies from the caught Pokemon, you can swap the sorted out monsters with a friend beforehand. For each swap action, you currently receive at least 2 normal candies and, from trainer level 31, an XL candy.


It does cost some stardust, though. With a bit of luck, you can even get a lucky Pokemon. You can then send monsters that you exchanged and no longer need to the professor on Tuesday.

Approximately how many monsters did you catch over the two event days? And have you already sorted it out? Or will you wait until Tuesday to get the candy bonus? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments.

The first dates of the new season are already known. We show you which days you should mark in September, October and November.


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