Stranger Things Season 5: a huge end for the Netflix series, you are not ready

stranger things season 5: a huge end for the netflix

Tom Henry

Stranger Things Season 5: a huge end for the Netflix series, you are not ready

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A grand finale for Stranger Things 5? One of the main actors teases the outcome of the huge Netflix series. Have the tissues ready just in case…

David Harbour, who we find on the poster of the film Gran Turismo, confided in the grand finale of Stranger Things 5. The farewells to these characters, after 8 years spent with them, are likely to be very difficult. The creators of the Netflix show obviously have something to do with the idea.

The very emotional farewell of Stranger Things Season 5

However, today we have news of one of Netflix’s most anticipated series, Stranger Things season 5. A fifth and final season that will conclude the adventures experienced by the Hawkins gang. According to David Harbour, Jim Hopper in the show, the creators have outdone themselves and the finale will be “very, very moving”.

“Before the strike, we were sent scenarios. They are amazing as usual. The Duffer brothers, who are on strike, continue to outperform. It’s a hell of a business. Some of the set pieces and storylines we’ve seen are beyond anything we’ve done in the past.. I can’t wait to conclude in a bold and incredible way. I know how it ends and it’s very, very moving » he told Happy Sad Confused.

A release date? Well no ! Negotiations are at a standstill and therefore it is impossible for the actors and the Duffer brothers to consider anything. Originally, season 5 of Stranger Things should have been available in 2024 on Netflix, but it is not impossible that we will have to wait until 2025.

Credits: Netflix.

End of an Era on Netflix

If David Harbor is eager to return to the film sets, he is also in a hurry for the Netflix series to end. Of course, not because he’s had enough, but because all good things come to an end.

It’s funny because when I started the series, I wanted it to go on forever, never to end. That’s why I love Stranger Things. I would think it’s a great show even if I wasn’t part of it. It’s now been almost nine years since we filmed the first season, and I think it’s time for it to end.. There is sadness. We have all grown up. It’s time for us to leave the nest and try other projects. And let the Duffer brothers do other things. These guys are so talented, I can’t wait to see what they’re up to next [de leur carrière]. So it’s hard, but it’s definitely time.


Season 5 of Stranger Things will therefore be the last to be broadcast on Netflix. The Duffer Brothers will box a similar number of episodes to the previous batch, but they will be shorter. The showrunners don’t want to pull the strings too much and make it more concise. “We don’t want it to be 1 p.m., but more like 10 a.m. or something like that. In this season (note: Stranger Things 4), our characters took two hours to realize that a monster was killing people in Hawkins. They now know what the threat is, so that’s going to help speed things up. » they had let it be known.

After that, Netflix will have to say goodbye to its almost golden egg hen. A Stranger Things Tokyo spin-off is in the works and more should follow. The directors aim to implement their STCU, the Stranger Things Cinematic Universe, like Marvel’s MCU. They also signed for The Boroughs, a new SF series. We will see retirees (seriously) who must unite to counter a threat. It’s like ST, but with older characters.

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