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Stray is managing to save homeless cats in real life


Another example that video games can also help social and charitable causes.

Stray is starred by a cute pussycat

Besides being one of the most outstanding independent adventures of the past year Due to its artistic side, its twist on the traditional point and click graphic adventures of pay it forward and, of course, for having a cat as the protagonist, the truth is that Stray is also achieving a great purpose in real life: save stray cats.

There is no TGA award that recognizes this, but Stray is serving to raise money for animal shelters who are in charge of stray cats thanks to the work of a group of fans.

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Stary helps raise funds to help stray cats

In a chat with PBS News Hour (via VG247) Brendan Gepson, from the Nebraska Humane Society, assures that they have already raised around $8,000 selling game codes via the haven’s Twitter account for a token $5, but this is not an isolated occurrence. The case of Rafael Almeida, a volunteer from the Brazilian shelter Gatos De Francisca, who was able to sterilize 25 stray cats thanks to the money raised in a charity raffle, that of a streamer who raised just over $1,500 in 30 minutes to help stray cats, or that of Debbie Distanisloa, from the Stray Cat Relief Fund, who managed to raise $6,500 along with her team thanks to a 5K charity run Sponsored by Annapurna Interactive itself, publisher of the game.

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According to the latest statistics in the United States, the rate of euthanasia of cats in animal shelters is almost double that of dogs, and only about 31% of cats that are adopted as pets come from these shelters. 27% of the remaining percentage is done directly as stray cats, so it is important that there continue to be social work that helps these and other stray animals. Y what better than through a game like Straystarring a stray cat, to get psyched up?

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This creepy mod turns Stray’s cat into Shrek

Strauy is available from last summer 2022 for PC, PS4 and PS5. Check out our analysis of Stray for all the details of his cat proposal.