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Streamer Kai Cenat breaks record for having the most Twitch subscribers

Streamer Kai Cenat has broken the record for having the most Twitch subscribers.

Twitch is a huge platform and while it started out as a place for people to watch others play video games, it has evolved dramatically ever since. Now, people can live stream just about anything they want, whether it’s a real-life adventure, a talk show, or anything in between.


It has also become a business for users. Twitch streamers can make a living off the platform and even become incredibly rich. Some have used it to take advantage of incredible deals with Twitch or other platforms, as well as massive brands like Mountain Dew.

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All of that said, Kai Cenat has quickly become one of the biggest talents on Twitch. The streamer mostly sits in his room with his friends and watches videos or plays games, but no one is really there for what he is doing. They are there for him and the people he surrounds himself with. That has made him grow super fast and he is now the most subscribed Twitch user of all time.

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He broke Ludiwg’s previous record of 283,000 by far, racking up over 300,000 on the stream. It was pretty wild to watch and Twitch appropriately congratulated him and celebrated the occasion. Twitch continues to grow with prominent creators and it’s a bit surprising to see someone break Ludwig’s record so quickly after it was set. Whether or not anyone will be able to top Kai Cenat remains to be seen, but it’s not entirely out of the question.

Twitch is certainly an interesting situation right now, as other creators jump onto other platforms. Adin Ross recently made the jump to a new service called Kick where he has had some…controversial streams. A group of streamers have also signed lucrative deals with YouTube that also seem to be paying off.

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