Streamer shaves his hair live on Twitch, spots an odd dent any of you might have | Discover News

streamer shaves his hair live on twitch, spots an odd

Tom Henry

Streamer shaves his hair live on Twitch, spots an odd dent any of you might have | Discover News

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Some people who spend a lot of time on computers wear headsets whether they’re watching videos, gaming, or working. A gamer shaved his hair live streaming on Twitch and discovered a suspicious dent.

What stream was that? On June 3, streamer curtoss hosted a charity stream on his Twitch channel. There he raised funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a society for the research and treatment of blood cancer and lymphoma.

He shaved his hair for charity and discovered a long dent in the middle of his head.

How does the streamer react? curtoss immediately states: “This is where my headset rests.” He looks shocked and yells: “I have a damn dent from the headphones on my head! What the hell? I always thought it was just my hair!”

Here’s his reaction in the clip:

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“He’s got the gamer imprint!”

How do viewers react? Curtoss viewers react in chat with laughing emotes and “HAHAHA” spam. Some write that they also know someone who has this dent. Viewer NatooniLive writes: “Oh, he has the gamer imprint!”

One viewer wrote, “This guy was playing so hard it changed his skull.” Others note that he could just wear a wig or hat to cover the dent if he had to.

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What do other gamers say about this? His clip is picked up and discussed on the r/headphones subreddit. There, some users note that this looks familiar to them. ADJ_Reflex’s comment gets over 150 upvotes:

“It’s nothing new haha. Headset footprints have become a meme among many streamers. It’s nothing serious, just a temporary imprint on the skin of the skull. Still, it’s funny to see how streamers react when they notice it.”

Is it dangerous? Because there is hair over the skin, as with curtoss, one automatically assumes that the imprint is only on the hair. The dent that appears underneath is only superficial, because more pressure is required for an imprint in the bone (via Kotaku).

So many of us will have the “gamer imprint” too. As several Reddit users note, this is comparable to the imprint of a pair of glasses – also daily business for some of us and therefore not so wild.

The condition of another gamer, on the other hand, was not quite as harmless. Luckily he was able to give the all clear after going to the emergency room.

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