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Street Fighter 6 confirms three new fighters, including a new face

Capcom did not want to miss the opportunity to make a new important announcement about Street Fighter 6 taking advantage of tonight’s State of Play. And what he has done is not introduce a new fighter to the roster of the future fighting game, but three new characters. Two of them are old acquaintances from the series, but the third is a new face.

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First of all, we see Zangief, who, as usual, has a heavy hitting and grappling style of combat. It must be said that, in this case and despite the fact that he is still one of the best-known characters in the franchise, the appearance of the muscular fighter for this installment is simply spectacular.

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Next we have been able to meet Lily, a new fighter who debuts in Street Fighter. lily makes use of a pair of traditional Native American weapons with which he hits Blanka mercilessly.

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And finally, we have also seen cammy confirm your attendance at this sixth edition, in which it sports a new and interesting design. Hopefully, with the June release date already set, we’ll be able to see more footage of the title and these characters in action soon.