Street Fighter 6: players create their own Ninja Turtles due to the high price of ‘skins’

street fighter 6: players create their own ninja turtles due

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Street Fighter 6: players create their own Ninja Turtles due to the high price of ‘skins’

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Capcom took the public by surprise EVO 2023 announcing a collaboration Street Fighter 6 with TMNT Or the Ninja Turtles. The four popular turtles join the fighting game with ‘skins’ of Leo, Raph, Mike and Donnie; ‘stickers’, ’emotes’, accessories and frames. The avatars created in Street Fighter 6 They can thus dress as the reptile quartet from Manhattan, who a few days ago premiered the new film Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos.

The only problem with this unexpected but welcome Capcom collaboration with Nickelodeon is the price of the turtles. Each costs about $15 USD or 750 Fighter Coins, the currency of Street Fighter 6. It is not the first company to put these prices on cosmetics and we have seen it in games like Marvel’s Avengers (now totally free). It is one of the main “vices” in games as a service. The players of Street Fighter 6 They’re not very happy because if they want to collect just the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles without additions, they need about $60 USD or the cost of a complete game.

Street Fighter Ninja Turtles
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Others have taken the alternative route of the avatar editor: creating their own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -with gambling and so on-. It is perhaps the closest thing to doing a homemade ‘cosplay’ in the world of Street Fighter. Even so, there are more who have decided to invest an additional iconic Capcom title. Fighter Coins can be obtained for real money: 250 for $4.99 USD, 610 for $11.99, 1,250 for $23.99, and 2,750 for $49.99. If all four turtles cost 3000 Fighter Coins, that would be $55 USD for Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello.

Street Fighter Ninja Turtles

Apart from the ‘skins’, there are the ‘stickers’, ’emotes’, accessories and frames. These push the total price of the collaboration with TMNT up to 100 US dollars. We insist, it is not something new in the world of Street Fighter nor of other games on the market, just an uncomfortable commercial trend that we still do not get used to despite being the norm.

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