Street Fighter 6 is released on June 2 and Capcom is gradually revealing more information about this fighting game for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and PC. If yesterday they showed a fight between Marisa and Manon, two of the latest official additions, this time it is the turn of two veterans of the series: Dee Jay and Dhalsim.

Dee Jay is a “music superstar and is always up to have fun. With his passion for music and fighting, this Jamaican sensation drives audiences crazy with his themes and moves,” says the developer of this character who appeared for the first time. first time in super street fighter 2. Dhalsim is the well-known character from Street Fighter 2, a monk and yoga teacher from India who has guided countless souls: “He prefers to avoid conflict, but his aversion to evil leads him to administer justice with a heavy hand.” It is usually characterized by a slow movement that compensates with punches and kicks at medium and long distance.

On sale June 2

“It is still too early to be able to say if we are before the Street Fighter definitive, but what I know has become clear to us with this beta is that Capcom has set the saga in the right direction and that this is the way to go“, we counted on first impressions. The team wants this to be as relevant a game as it was Street Fighter 2 during the 90s, a title that laid the foundations of the entire genre.

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Street Fighter 6 combat between Dee Jay and Dhalsim official v

“We wanted to make another game of Street Fighter that wasn’t just for existing fans of the seriesbut for everyone and have the same feeling that all types of players fall in love with fighting games… with Street Fighter. When Nakayama-san brought up that concept, it resonated very strongly with me. It’s a challenge, but it’s a challenge worth taking on,” said Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, producer of Street Fighter 6.

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