street fighter 6 review

street fighter 6 review

Tom Henry

street fighter 6 review

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Street Fighter 6 is probably the most anticipated fighting game in recent years. Well, its predecessor has already been on the market for about 7 years and has definitely already received all kinds of improvements and updates, the series urgently needed a new entry, full of freshness and more modernity. It will be worth the wait?

Well, enough of introductions, let’s start with our review. I have to tell you, that I have had time to invest many hours of play in Street Fighter 6 and well, I have already seen how substantial it can be. Let’s start talking about the game modes

world tour

It is a game mode where you can create your own character from scratch, aesthetically you can do a lot and the level of detail it has is somewhat impressive. I was able to create a character somewhat similar to myself, but without losing the characteristic Street Fighter art style. World tour is based on carrying out missions in a kind of open world, not so open. We carry out missions together with other characters.

World Tour has some RPG features, you need to eat to regain your vitality, you can challenge to fight almost any character you meet (even those who are in suits), you increase your strength and as your character levels up .

You can also buy things for your outfit, from a cap, to a completely new outfit. But how do you fight? Well, to fight your character already comes with all his preset attacks, as you advance in the story, you can upgrade accordingly.

Where is the bad in this? Well in my personal opinion, World Tour does very little to engage players, as it greatly lacks in player immersion. It fails in its lack of voices, it fails in the lack of interesting conversations, it fails in the poor graphics dedicated to this gameplay. In my opinion, World Tour feels like filler, and I feel that it is not something that can be solved with a simple patch, since it is a matter of structure.

fighting ground

This is where the most substantial part of the game is, we will find the arcade mode, where we can play it with each of the 18 initial characters, and each one has its own story. I must say that history, it has very little, but if you were to face different opponents, one after another, counting on a limited amount of credits. Everything just like an arcade should be. My complaints are the same, very little voice dubbing, the stories are not substantial at all. Much remains to be done in this. But this is definitely one of the most fun and challenging modes, since you do what you really do in a Street Fighter game: fight.

Special Match

They are very particular versus fights, since they will have special rules and even different elements external to you, such as items, may affect the game. I love this because it takes us out of the classic fight and brings us to the not so conventional ones, giving them quite fun options. I understand that special matches are something that can continue to grow and become a very important part of the game, as it could reach younger and more casual players.

battle hub

This is everyone’s favorite section, it is an online interactive section that brings players together. You will find the battle cabinets where you can face other players online or even play classic Capcom games. The online gameplay is great, I was able to play in limited mode and definitely the performance is great and the Battle Hub in general is a very positive plus for the game.


This is the core of Street Fighter 6. This hasn’t changed, we have the same basics, with some additions:

We have the Drive Rush that using three bars of your Drive meter, you can use Drive Rush to cancel certain attacks to continue a combo. I mean, if you were to hit an opponent at mid-range with a push that wouldn’t normally combine with anything, you could use a Drive Rush cancel to throw me in and combo something that would normally be impossible.

We also have the Drive Impact. Which is an extremely powerful punch that can go through up to three normal hits to deliver a devastating blow that will crush an enemy and leave them open for a full combo.

Despite how powerful it is, it can be easily countered, as it is quite slow and with your own Drive Impact you can counter it and from there, continue with your combo. And you can easily jump at your enemy or get away from him.

It also has different options to use the controls with a simple gameplay system. Called modern controls that consists of simplifying the most difficult techniques, to be able to perform them using a single button. and it also does a combination of light, medium and heavy attacks, making the player who uses this mode, have less precision in the attacks to use, but the game chooses for you. This is pretty good for those new to the game who aren’t interested in diving into the depths of Street Fighter.

We have a list of 18 playable players initially, which is not bad, it is a fairly acceptable list, which by the way, I leave it here below:

Ryu, Luke, Jamie, Chun-Li, Guile, Kimberly, Juri, Ken, E. Honda, Dhalsim, Blanka, Manon, Marisa, Lily, JP, Dee Jay, Cammy and Zangief. Definitely, among them we will find classic names, some new, others not so much. This gives the game a lot of versatility from day one. I’ll be very honest, I’m not a fan of characters added through DLC, because from day 0 we all know that there will be players added in this way, and it doesn’t feel cool.

At the graphics level, on PS5 it has a 4K mode in resolution mode. It also runs at 60FPS but World Tour mode only runs at 30FPS which isn’t that cool and reinforces my opinion that this mode is nothing more than filler.

At the performance level, starting with the bad one, in World Tour at one point the game completely fizzled out, let’s say I had to close the game and reopen it. This modality, to be very honest, has nothing to do with me. But already playing versus and arcade mode, Street Fighter 6’s execution is just phenomenal. Very stable, without frame drops, it is practically perfect.

The sound effects are just perfect, there is a combination between effects and soundtrack that to be honest, I don’t have a better word to describe it than perfect.

In conclusion

Street Fighter 6 is an amazing game, it feels a bit more polished and dynamic than its predecessor, it adds new game modes, but the World Tour feels unfinished and empty. The Battle Hub feels pretty fluid, fresh, and plays pretty well. The graphics are great, adding to this a stable execution. In Arcade mode it makes an attempt to add a bit of history to the game, but it’s just that, an attempt. But none of this makes SF6 fall short, this is a game with a fairly solid core that I predict many successes.

This review was made thanks to a copy for PS5 provided by Capcom

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