Street Fighter 6 will have a VR version, but for now only in arcades in Japan

Street Fighter 6, the new installment of the Capcom fighting saga, will be released on June 2 on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and PC. However, it has come to light that the company has developed a virtual reality version that adapts the game to a first-person perspective with movement controls not only for the hands, but also for the whole body.

The information from this project, which is known as ‘Street Fighter VR: Shadaloo Enhancement Plan’, is very scarce because it is an exclusive version of the Japanese market. In fact, it seems to only be available in Hiroshima City Capcom Plaza as a recreational machine, so at the moment we don’t know if it will make it out of that country or if it will adapt to some of the domestic VR glasses that are available today on the market.

how do you play this Street Fighter for VR?

The video inserted on these lines already gives clues about how to play this version of Street Fighter for virtual reality, but the Japanese portal Game Watch has published some impressions after trying it and that is where we can find many more details. To begin with, they say that we will put ourselves in the shoes of a new character recently recruited by the evil organization Shadaloo, an excuse that serves to face classic characters from the saga such as Ryu or Zangief (There will be more after launch, including M. Bison).

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This VR arcade, which is priced at around 8 euros per game, uses the glasses HTC Live Pro 2. In this way we can use our hands to carry out basic attacks, defenses (raising both arms at the same time to protect ourselves) and even special attacks (we can make a Hadoken throwing the arms back and releasing them forward quickly). The first to manage to lower the rival’s life bar in the traditional 99 seconds that each game lasts wins.

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Street Fighter VR: Shadaloo Enhancement Plan is available in trial version from the middle of the month at Capcom Plaza in Hiroshima. It is also scheduled to arrive at Aeon Mall Toyokawa on April 4.