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Street Fighter: Duel is a free game announced for iOS and Android

The Street Fighter franchise is growing as now Capcom and Crunchyroll Games have revealed Street Fighter: Duel, a free “casual” game for iOS and Android in February.

Street Fighter: Duel, a collaboration between Capcom and Crunchyroll Games, features an “original story” in which players take on the mechanical clone army of Seth and Shadaloo using a three-member team made up of more than 40 potential familiar faces.

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There’s representation from across the series: Ryu, Akuma, Cammy, and Chun-Li are all confirmed to be playable, and combat takes place in real time or via optional autobattles if players prefer. Expect new and returning stages as the adventure continues, with everything presented in “beautifully animated” 2D.

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Capcom says that leveling up characters unlocks new combos and exclusive abilities to use in battle, and those looking for something a little more competitive can take their teams online to go head-to-head with other players.

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There’s no exact release date for Street Fighter: Duel yet, but pre-registration is now open via Google Play and the iOS App Store in the UK & Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or other select European countries. .