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Stuntfest: World Tour, the crazy stunt game, premieres trailer

We continue with the news that the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 that was held last Friday to offer us all kinds of information about a total of 15 new games that this publisher is preparing to launch for sale.

One of the most particular titles of this “collection” is Stuntfest: World Toura crazy stunt game “not for wimps” that invites us to get in our car and face other wackos in competitions in which we will risk our skin piloting, planning and doing all kinds of jumps and the most amazing madness.

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At the event, THQ Nordic has premiered a new game trailer and has also announced that PC gamers you can try to access a closed beta with which to play Stuntfest: World Tour for the first time. If you want to sEsports Extrasup for this beta you should go to the title’s official page on Steam, request access and, with any luck, start doing crazy things almost immediately:

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Wreckreation, the other speed game from THQ Nordic

If you like speed and adrenaline, Stuntfest: World Tour is not the only game about the motor world that was presented at the event, since also announced wreckreationa title created by a studio founded by the creators of burn out that will come to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and about which you can have more information and see its first trailer by clicking here.

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