Suicide Squad: an anime from the studio of Attack on Titan!

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suicide squad: an anime from the studio of attack on

It comes out of nowhere but we can discover today a trailer for an anime The Suicide Squad which seems to be beautiful. The icing on the cake, a trailer is available.

Announced on the occasion of the Anime Expo 2023 which is currently being held in Los Angeles until July 5, we can discover today a first trailer for an anime The Suicide Squad. You read correctly, the famous DC Comics universe is getting into Japanese animation. To give life to such a project, Warner was able to count on the very best in Japanese art.

The Suicide Squad by the studio behind Attack on Titan

In order to do things well and not to be rebuffed potentially by the fans, the anime will be produced by the Japanese animators at WIT Studio, known for having animated the first three seasons of Attack on Titan as well as Spy x Family, Ranking of Kingsor Vinland Saga. In short, very heavy that allows you to enjoy a particularly neat animation as you can see in the trailer above. In this 50-second video we can admire Harley Quinn, star of The Suicide Squad but also the Joker and Amanda Waller who is notably the instigator of this meeting of super villains. Entitled Suicide Squad ISEKAI, the anime will send the central characters on a strange adventure in which Task Force X will face all kinds of fantastical creatures. For the record, the Japanese term “isekai” in the title itself refers to this atmosphere and the word can be translated as “another world” in French. The genre that is very popular in Japan has evolved into an anime concept in which the heroes travel to alternate realities, more often than not.

DC feat Akira Amano

The drawing for this anime The Suicicide Squad is directed by mangaka Akira Amano who is particularly known for her shōnen, My Teacher the Reborn Killer! In 2012, she also signed the character desEsports Extrasfor the anime Psycho-Pass produced by the animation studio GI production. In short, beautiful people for this DC anime which we hope will be above ninja batman in 2018 which despite its qualities had a little trouble convincing the spectators with in particular a score of 60% on Rottentomatoes. For the moment there is no release date for this new creation but we can’t wait to know a little more in the months to come.

For your part, what do you think of the DC universe in anime format? Is this something you might be interested in?

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