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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will run at 60fps on consoles, Rocksteady confirms

Gotham Knights from WB Games Montral received pushback from gamers when it was announced that it would be capped at 30fps on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Perhaps to avoid controversy, or because Rocksteady has managed to optimize Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League on consoles, has confirmed that its the game that arrives on May 26 will run at 60 images per second.

The PS5 and Xbox Series versions of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will target 60 fps. PC requirements will be available closer to launch as the game is still in development,” the official Q&A section reads.

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Most of the current generation games work at 60 fps or give the option of sacrificing resolution to achieve this fluidity that is considered important in action games, as is the case with suicide squad. Gotham Knights instead it received complaints that it was not considered a graphically demanding game, but the studio justified it because “because of the types of features that we have in our game, such as providing a completely untethered cooperative experience in our highly detailed open world.” , it is not as simple as lowering the resolution and getting a higher frame rate“.

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“Rocksteady’s bar couldn’t be set higher after the commendable job done on the Rocksteady trilogy.” batman arkham. Unfortunately, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has almost unanimously generated a feeling of indifference due to its seemingly generic, repetitive and, in short, unimaginative gameplay and with nothing that we have not already seen in a multitude of similar titles”, we commented in our review of all the information about suicide squad. “We believe that its greatest success lies in marking a distance from the series starring Gotham’s protective bat to give way to a story with a more shameless aura and a much more casual tone. The dynamics of the group of villains, which promises to offer hilarious situationsas well as the distinctive play styles they offer, are another of their best assets.”

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Suicide Squad at 60 fps on consoles confirmed PS5 and Xbox Series

“It is for these aspects, in addition to the track record of the developer and its good work in the past, that we want to cast a vote of confidence in the project even though we can’t help but remain skeptical.”